Xanax, also known as Alprazolam belongs to the class of drugs known as Benzodiazepines. Anxiety or tension is caused by the unbalanced movement of chemicals in the brain is slowed down by Xanax, which has made it a popular medicine in treating conditions like panic disorders, anxiety disorders and anxiety caused by depression etc.

Important information to keep in mind

Xanax for AnxietyBuying Xanax online from the non-reputed pharmacies may be dangerous because of the risk of contamination with illegal ingredients that may pose a threat to life. Or it just might be that it may not be a licensed pharmacy, which is a risky crime. Hence, it is always best for people to opt for the genuine online pharmacy to buy legal Xanax pills online. The distribution and sale of Xanax outside the United States do not comply with the rules of the FDA and hence is not safe and is against the law. Anyone below the age of eighteen should not consume or be given access to this anxiety treating drug.

Alprazolam is addictive and hence can cause death if overdosed and should be strictly kept away from those who have a history of drug abuse or from any individual it was not prescribed for. Also, consumption of Xanax pill while indulging in Alcohol can lead to serious health risks.

Using this drug while pregnant can not only be a serious threat to the life of the unborn child but also cause withdrawal symptoms and birth defects in the baby.  Also, this medication should not be used by breastfeeding mothers, because it passes into the breast milk and can harm the child. Make sure to take birth control to prevent pregnancy while on this medication.

The sedative effect of this medicine may affect older adults longer and hence, care should be taken to avoid accidental falls and injuries while they are on this medication.

As an anxiety treatment

The dosage and duration of it will depend on your medical condition and should only be decided by the doctor.

It’s hypnotic, sedative, muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant properties make it both good and bad for treating anxiety. This medication takes a minimum period of 10 mins and a maximum period of an hour to start working. Though it is one of the most prescribed medicines for anxiety and panic-related disorders and shows good success rates and provides relief from symptoms for a long time, it is usually combined with no other treatment which proves to be bad for patients with panic attacks. When the medication is stopped, there is a high chance of the panic attacks not only coming back but also coming back stronger.

How should Xanax medication be taken?

Store Xanax away from children, any form of heat or moisture and make sure to keep track of the number of pills taken from each container to make sure that no one is using it improperly without a prescription.

Take the medication strictly according to your doctor’s advice and prescription. Never ingest more or less than what is prescribed and do not attempt to change dosage without the doctor’s consent. Make sure to not crush, break or chew Xanax as it is an extended release pill that should be swallowed whole.

Make sure to gradually stop consumption of Xanax (according to the advice of your doctor) to avoid unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Also, make sure to inform the doctor when the medication isn’t treating the symptoms of your anxiety or panic.

Side effects of Xanax drug

Side effects of Xanax include lack of fear, vertigo, dry mouth, memory loss, changes in sex drive and breathing troubles. Less serious side effects include nausea, poor motor skills, lack of concentration and headaches. However, even slight side effects should be reported to the doctor during your regular visit. One should remember that side effects of Xanax can also happen because of drug interactions. Hence, it is advised not to consume other anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs like Valium or Zoloft when you are undergoing treatment with Xanax medication.