The generic form of Zoloft is available at a cheaper price in online generic medication pharmacies and local med shops. The generic name of Zoloft is Sertraline. It acts as an antidepressant, which is used to treat depression, panic, stress and anxiety disorder in adults. It is intended to have the same quality and work in same ways as the brand name drugs. Because it is authorized by licensed professionals to ensure its safety and quality before it is produced in the market. The reason for the availability of Cheap Zoloft in generic form than the brand one is discussed in the below passages.

Generic vs Brand name Zoloft:

Generic Zoloft works in the same way as brand form. Sertraline is same in strength, dosage level, the ingredients present, use and effects and its quality. FDA conducts several reviews and tests to satisfy the quality standards, before its approved and brought to the market.

These two medicines are same in size, dosage prescribed by doctors, same ingredients, purity, working methods and the testing standards. Slight variations in size, strength and some variables are permitted during the manufacturing process of both the medications. In few case colors, flavors and small characteristics can vary between these drugs. But, this does not affect the safety, performance, and effectiveness of the medicines.

Why do Zoloft generic is cheaper than brand-name medications?

On comparing the generic and brand form, getting Zoloft is not cheaper than Sertraline. Here are a few reasons why these medicines cost lesser price in the market:

Zoloft generic that does not have to repeat the testing programs for animals and clinical studies. This process is actually tested repeatedly by brand-name drugs to prove their safety and effectiveness of their drugs to meet their competitors. There are several generic brands are available for single medication, Which creates a competition in the market. As a result, it is available typically at a lower price for the depression disorder patients.

Is Zoloft generic is safe as a brand form?

According to FDA review program, it is safe as a brand form drug and available at a cheaper price for the patients. It continues to examine the drug safety it effects before and after its released to the market.

Here is the list of procedures that are followed by FDA to ensure the safety of Sertraline:

  • FDA, check for, the evidence that ingredients which are actively present in the medicine are same as brand medicines and all ingredients present should be acceptable.
  • The Information label for the medicines should be same as the brand name label
  • Manufacturing companies should explain its process clearly and ensure that it works in same result each time. They should meet the exact standards in its purity, quality, and identity before the drugs are manufactured.
  • Medicine must undergo proper stability tests and it should have the same effect in oral and injectable form to the patients.

Prescription drugs are sold in both the forms of medicines. According to recent studies from the IMS Health Institute, generic medicines saved a huge amount of money to U.S health care system. To know more details about generic medicines you can contact your doctor, pharmacist, online doctors, health care providers. You can also purchase the medication at even more cheaper rates through offers and discounts available at genuine online drugstores and licensed local pharmacy near your locations.