Returning prescription drugs onlinePrescription medications once purchased cannot be returned to the pharmacy to get a refund. Patients may have numerous reasons for wanting to return any medications that have not used or just partially used. There are queries if one can return the medication if they use only one pharmacy for buying drugs always. Although the returned drugs may be accepted at the pharmacy, one cannot get a refund if that is what is expected. The simple reason for this is that any pharmacy that accepts returned medication should destroy it without restocking or re-dispensing the drug. Drugs once sold should not be resold and hence a refund is not possible.

What does the law say about returning prescription medications?

According to the laws set by the FDA, a pharmacy can only dispense medications that are sourced from an FDA-approved wholesale retailer or directly from the drug manufacturer. If the drug is received from any other source, then the same should be destroyed without dispensing it to anyone. Many states in the US follow this regulation where prescription medications cannot be resold. All licensed pharmacies are bound by these laws and any place operating against the rules would be doing so illegally.

Why prescription medications cannot be returned for a refund

The reason why prescription drugs cannot be returned for a refund is that once the drug leaves the pharmacy, the integrity of the medication becomes questionable. The environment in which the drug is kept cannot be controlled by the pharmacy. Moreover, the storage conditions like too much heat or moisture from bathroom cabinets can affect the quality of medications. These returned prescription drugs would not be in the best condition and so they would not be sold to another customer. If you are looking to return the pills just to avail a refund, this would not be provided by the pharmacy.

When should you consider returning the prescription medications to the pharmacy?

There are times when you should definitely take back your prescription medications to the pharmacy that you purchased them from. For instance, pharmacists are prone to making a few errors and if the wrong drugs is dispensed then you can return it and get the right one. A refund may be provided if the drug that you should be taking is not available with the pharmacy. You can also return any unused prescription medications that are remaining after the treatment is completed. The pharmacy can safely destroy or dispose the drugs when you are not able to do it yourself.